Christmas Eve Feels

You know that feeling that you get – the same feeling that you’d get on Christmas Eve as a child – where you know something really great is just around the corner?  It might be that your best friend is visiting for the weekend and you’re about to scoop her at the airport… or you’re running your first marathon in the morning and can’t seem to fall asleep from the anticipation… or it’s the first Friday of ACL and you can just feel the energy in the air.

It’s exactly that. It’s an energy inside, like the feeling of butterflies in your stomach.  And the absolute best thing is when it shows up completely unexpected.  I got this feeling a few Saturdays ago over at Emo’s when one of my closest lady friends took me to a show. I only knew that she was super excited to see this band, so I of course was just happy knowing that she was excited.  Not expecting too much, but also knowing her great taste in music, I happily got ready for a Saturday night that I knew would be different from just “going out” downtown.

When you know someone really well, their actions can speak louder than words at times right? We arrive, home girl orders a double, and that’s my cue – it is on.  Something really good is about to happen.  No Christmas Eve Feels quite yet… maybe more like that feeling when you’re about to be surprised, and your gut is telling you that something’s up.

It took one song… not even a full song!  Best guess is that it happened during the bridge.  But they got me.  I’m in love with live music in general, but getting Christmas Eve Feels from a band so quickly doesn’t happen often enough.  And seeing as though tomorrow (!!!) is the day that the lineup is scheduled to be announced for ACL 2017, I thought that the timing was pretty spot on – so I’m calling it.  If these guys aren’t at ACL this year I’ll really wonder what the world is coming to.  This is that band that you see on the Friday of ACL that jump starts the entire weekend – the one around 4pm when you’re cracking open your first IPA… or perhaps wondering why the yummy-smelling-hippie-who-let-you-rub-her-essential-oils-on-your-body-and-now-you’re-best-friends just sold you an entire water bottle of wine that clearly must be gone in an hour or else it’ll be too warm to drink… or when you’re trying to maneuver the flask of vodka from your inappropriately short cut offs without the adorable pink-haired 4 year old seeing any of your bits.  The band that everyone meets at when you’ve all shut down and disconnected from the work week and it’s officially ACL – the one that launches your 3-Day Weekend of Adult Christmas.

This is that “4pm Friday of ACL” band; I’d put money on it.  I can’t tell you why, other than the obvious talent that is not made so obvious from my iPhone-that-thinks-its-a-flip-phone video… but my Christmas Eve Feels have never been wrong.

Oh, and their name is The Revivalists.  Check them out!!! And if you like what you hear let me know! Simply because it’ll make me happy that maybe someone else also got to experience Christmas Eve Feels, too. 🙃

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