Darling, Just F*in Own It

I could write a book about the amount of motivation I’ve acquired over the past two weeks by attending two completely inspiring bootcamps, each led by very gifted women.  These workshops were geared towards women who are focused on improving themselves in all areas of life, from careers to relationships, and being in touch and aware of the steps that will get us there.  And more importantly, making a plan to get there.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ve been SO lucky to have met some pretty fantastic ladies in Austin.  We genuinely are each others cheerleaders and jump at the chance to support one another.   One of these women is the fabulous Corina Frankie.  It was her goal to work on her public speaking skills in 2014 and to motivate others.  Being a trainer at Camp Gladiator (more to come on that in a later post..) this girl is already insanely motivating in the fitness world.  But speaking… well, yelling… at 20 people at 6am to go harder, run faster, & squat lower is COMPLETELY different than speaking in front of 20 women.   Corina made a rather large leap (…screw baby steps – we go big) in her public speaking goal by leading a Goal Setting Workshop for young professional women earlier this month.   Needless to say, the girl nailed it.  I think I got temporary carpal tunnel from trying to write down all of her useful information.

20140129-165852.jpgOne of the first lists Corina had us create was that of five things we’ve already accomplished… things that we’re proud of.  This is actually harder than it sounds because if you think about it, we’re taught that it’s not classy to brag.  But the interesting and fun thing is that no one list is the same.  She also had us make a list of 50 things we want to do in the next 10 years – FIFTY?!  Good Lord I should have prepared for this.. enter Corina in Camp Gladiator mode.  I thought she was going to have my head if I didn’t write 50.   The girl knows how to motivate.

Corina referred to Napoleon Hill throughout the session, who was one of the original “personal success” authors.  One of his main messages was that truly, deep down believing in yourself and your vision directly correlates to your actual success in life.  “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  This thought, as well as its formula, was his main focal point for his books, including Think and Grow Rich.  I of course have added this to my “To Read” list.

Thanks to another thoughtful friend who went out of her way to write an amazingly touching email about me, I was invited to attend the Bossed Up Bootcamp by Emilie Aries herself – Co-Founder & CEO of the company.  Let me just say that if any woman has the chance to attend this, they absolutely need to. The Bossed Up Mission is “To keep women contributing to the workforce by empowering each of us to craft healthy, happy, sustainable careers – for life!”  And holy shit did they give us some good advice.  I attended with two girlfriends of mine, each of us in very different places, but with a somewhat similar professional background.  Even though each woman in attendance at Bossed Up Bootcamp was in their own unique “place”, each and every one of us could relate to the topics and will be able to use them as we grow in all areas of life.

Our first session had to do with our personal vision, meaning “What you want to create of yourself and the world around you.”  Again, this might sound easy, but our speaker Emily Downward really had a way of making us sit back and think about what that means – What would you do if money wasn’t an issue?… if you knew you couldn’t fail… if you didn’t care what anyone thought…?  Then – boom – Emily tells us to envision that it’s 2024.  We’re asked to walk around the room to tell each other what we’re doing in life, where we’ve been, and what we’ve accomplished.  Emily got our “heads right”, prepping us for what we were about to experience.

20140129-170257.jpgOver the course of the weekend, we had sessions and discussions on everything from Communication in the Workplace, Negotiating, Community Building, to the importance of being Mindful and Conscious, the importance of sleep (I definitely needed to hear that one), and even a lesson on the 5 Love Languages, and how to know where you fall.  The amazing Ashley Lavalle, who’s voice could be compared to fuzzy socks and tea (so soothing & comforting),  had us pick the statements that fit us best when describing how we like to be treated – really by anyone.   I knew right away that I’d fall into the “Quality Time” bucket – that was easy.

With the mix of so many important discussions over the course of two days,  and a real focus on how to make things happen, I’d go ahead and call Bossed Up the Best Etiquette-for-a-Woman’s-Brain Bootcamp. But maybe also I walked away with too much confidence and excitement to think that actually makes sense…

Either way, I’m super thankful that Corina gave me the mental-ass-kicking that I needed Saturday morning in order to get over a crappy week and just “Own it!” – she’s insanely good at that whole “motivation” thing.   Both Corina’s Goal Setting workshop and the Bossed Up Bootcamp gave me the chance to meet other women from all over Texas who are motivated and striving for success.  And because I attended both I now have the ability to connect women from these two different groups and build our networking community even more.  And for me, that’s really fabulous. 20140127-183611.jpg

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