At this moment I can’t even recall how I came across this website, but for now it’s exactly what I need.  Once again insomni.izing (…this is what my brain does at this stage of tiredness…), I pulled up Medium and started reading the first story listed.  So random, yet interesting enough to keep me reading.

Random and interesting – hopefully the answer to tonight’s sleeplessness.  TBD.  For now I’ll go with it.

I read Einstein’s Camera for about 10 minutes and, while interested, decided that my photographer friend, Heather of HeatherZakDesigns, might find this entertaining.  Open Facebook. Send Heather link in our girly group message.

Bad.  Badbad.  NO Facebook when I’m trying to sleep!

Back button. Next story. Why You Should Seek Quiet Every Day. 4 minute read. (I like that they list that..)  Well, I mean I’m seeking quiet right NOW… In my brain… So yeah.



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